Recap: The RESTful Future of WordPress

In his talk for Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup at Grand Circus, Hasani Rogers demystified key terms and discussed how WordPress’ new REST API is key for WordPress to survive the advent of Web 3.0, the semantic Web. Here are my notes from his talk, The RESTful Future of WordPress.

Hasani Rogers speaking at MD WordPress Meetup

Past. Present. Future.

  • WordPress began as a publishing/blogging platform and is currently being used as a Content Management System – the future of WordPress is as an application framework.
  • WordPress is evolving towards an application framework due to APIs like REST.

Technical Demystification

  • REST – Representational State Transfer
    • Facebook authorization (ex.
  • LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
    • WP was created and depends on a stack called LAMP
    • Separate technologies working together
  • MEAN – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS

Development Revolution

  • We are still technically in Web 2.0
  • Adoption of Web 3.0 is all about information
  • 3.0 – ways to quantify information
  • REST plays a HUGE part

Mobile, the Ultimate Game Changer

  • Apple changed what we think of as “personal experience” on the Web when they introduced the iPhone in 2007
  • Consumers now use mobile devices to access the web as much as desktop computers
  • WP responded by making mostly temporary solutions to a growing divide between servers and our devices

Increased Divide Between Servers & Clients

  • The Mobile explosion is a deeper than changing front-end technologies
  • Mobile has fundamentally changed how we think of the Web
  • LAMP – synchronous, server-side technology has a limited ability of interacting with devices
  • MEAN – asynchronous, client-side technology that has much greater ability
  • Need for abstraction – abstract WP data via REST

RESTful Future of WordPress

  • REST bridges the gap
    • with REST, a developer can write an app using MEAN and it can easily communicate with a WP site using REST as a web service
  • Serves as an instant translator (between someone speaking Japanese & English)

RESTful Example

  • Web App where users review movies
  • Goal – have the Web App be as fast and seamless as possible
  • Goal – scalability, quickly port it to native apps with JS APIs
  • “Smart App” that can intelligently figure things out like movie theatre location based on a check-in
  • Use WP to modify what users are doing with MEAN app
  • Solution – this is possible with REST
  • Abstracts and Connects data

Use REST Now

SlidesNotes PDF – Hasani’s Website


Author: Cam Cecchini

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