Recap: WordPress Presents! How to Boost (or Even Replace) PowerPoint With WordPress

In his talk for Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup at United Way – Campus Martius, Jim Luke walked us through several different methods for embedding and displaying slide presentations in WordPress. Here are my notes from his talk, WordPress Presents! How to Boost (or Even Replace) PowerPoint with WordPress.


Option #1 – Link to download.

  1. Create post or page in WordPress
  2. Upload file & link
    1. (file self host) – Use “Add Media” from post/page editor or through media library; Media > Add New
    2. (file hosted elsewhere) – Upload file to cloud-based storage (i.e. Dropbox or Google Drive), edit share settings, then copy URL and insert URL in WordPress editor
  • Pros: very easy
  • Cons: presentation isn’t actually displayed in WordPress & readers must download presentation (must have compatible software)

Option #2 – Embed Presentation Using [Shortcodes]

  1. Upload files to service – account registered with service is required
  2. SKIP if on – install plugin for particular service used in previous step (SlideShare plugin – link), or use JetPack (JetPack plugin – link)
  3. Follow directions from particular service used – info from JetPack help pages:

Images and Documents:

  • [ scribd ] embeds a document/file from Scribd. » Full instructions
  • [ instagram ] embeds an Instagram photo. » Full instructions
  • [ slideshare ] embeds a slideshow from » Full instructions
  • [ gallery type=”slideshow” ] allows you to create a slideshow by using the built-in WordPress galleries. » Full instructions
  • You can also use Jetpack to embed Google Docs. » Full instructions

Option #3 – Embed Google Presentation from Google Drive *Preferred*

  • Plugins – be sure your site has ability to embed Google Docs either via JetPack or Google Docs Embed
  • Create – presentation either in PowerPoint or Google Docs-Presents
  • Upload – to Google Drive & tell Google to convert it to Google Presents format
  • Share/Publish – Set presentation to share in Google Drive then publish to web, copy embed code
  • Insert in WordPress – via post/page editor; switch to “text” view to avoid complications embedding presentation
  • Edit Code – to adjust embed properties, i.e. size

Step-by-step tutorials:

Option #4 – All in WordPress, including creation!

  1. Built-in & JetPack approach using [ presentation ] shortcode
    1. Detailed instructions:
  2. Plugin based approaches:
    1. StoryFTW – link
    2. WPPresent – link
    3. Flowt – link
    4. SEOSlides – link
  3. Web-based App Replacement for PowerPoint with WP integration
    1. Focus Sky – link

Check out Jim’s post for this talk on his site:


Author: Cam Cecchini

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