April 2023 Meetup Resources

At our April 2023 virtual meetup, co-organizer Randy Walker discussed what’s new in WordPress 6.2, using a demo site to highlight changes and new features, including:

  • Site Editor interface, Templates and Template Parts
  • Navigation Menu block
  • Distraction Free mode
  • Openverse integration
  • Style Book
  • Sticky positioned blocks

During the meeting and demo, several resources and recent articles about WordPress 6.2 were shared:

If anyone is using Elementor Pro and WooCommerce, you’ll want to update to the latest version: Hackers exploit WordPress plugin flaw that gives full control of millions of sites.


October 2022 Meetup Resources

At our October 2022 virtual meetup, members shared their websites, favorite WordPress resources, recent posts, and plugins.

Here’s a list of what was shared:

Randy Walker’s websites:

Deborah Edwards-Onoro website: Lireo Designs

Angie Peterson website: ampdigitalphotographer.com

Dave Rotter’s website: Rottervision

Sites Dave built and maintains:

Sites Dave contributes to: Evaluation by Design

Lynn Tamor website: Out and About in Oakland County

Contact form plugins:

September 2022 Let’s Catch Up Resources

At our September 2022 virtual meetup, members shared some of their websites, favorite WordPress resources, recent posts, and plugins.

Here’s a list of what was shared:

November 2021 Favorite Plugins & Themes

We asked members attending November’s virtual meetup to share their favorite plugins and/or themes. These are the plugins that were shared:

If you’re a podcaster, these themes and plugins might help you out:

We also had a question about Plugins and GPL. Kinsta has an article called WordPress and GPL – Everything You Need to Know that you should read.

Deborah also shared her article What’s the Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

Recap: WordPress Social Media & Security Basics

April’s Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup at United Way – Campus Martius included a pair of presentations on two popular WordPress-related topics; security and social media. Eric Malcolm delivered a crash course titled, “WordPress Security Basics” where he dove into the finer details of the iThemes Security Plugin. Following Eric, Angela Samuels explained how to take charge of social media with WordPress in her talk titled, “WordPress, Social Media and How it All Fits Together”. Here are my notes from those two talks, WordPress Social Media & Security Basics. Continue reading “Recap: WordPress Social Media & Security Basics”

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